High Adventure in the Adirondacks!

Just Imagine… paddling through lakes and ponds connected by beautiful winding streams… the fresh scent of balsam fir fills the air… the day is new and you and your crew mates are ready for adventure.

As you go, you stop to snack on wild blueberries, still covered with dew. After lunch you set camp on an island in the middle of a tranquil pond. You spot a moose across the way.

Later in the day you portage to a trail head, cache your gear, and head for the summit of a peak for some afternoon top time. At dusk you hear the slap of a beaver’s tail on the water. That night you drift off to sleep to the haunting call of a loon. Early the next morning, you rise before dawn… gear-up, and head out to fish by water’s edge.

Sounds way too good to be true? Well it’s not… because located in the very heart of the Adirondack Mountains, the Adventure Of A Lifetime is waiting for you.

Based at Massawepie Scout Camps, the Massawepie Adirondack Trek Center offers all Scouts and Scouters canoeing, backpacking, and combination treks during the months of July and August. Trek groups can participate in established trek destinations throughout the 2.6-million-acre Adirondack Forest preserve, or can customize their own. Rock climbing, rappelling and mountain biking options are also available.

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