Product Pick-Up: Show & Sell


Henrietta Pickup Schedule       Canandaigua Pickup Schedule

In the continuing effort to improve this year’s Product Sale fundraiser, Council has secured two (2) Show & Sell distribution locations.  Having two locations should help shorten driving times for many units, and hopefully will enhance the distribution process.

Each unit participating in Show & Sell has been assigned to one of the following distribution locations, where you will pick up your Show & Sell product (both popcorn and nuts):

IMPORTANT:  these two locations are for the initial Show & Sell distribution on September 7th.
For all additional product orders, pick-up will be at Henrietta location ONLY.

At your assigned time, enter the main entrance of your product distribution location, and check in with the Council staff.  Once your product is ready for pick-up, you will be asked to drive around to the loading bay/dock behind the store, where your product will be loaded into your vehicle.  To complete the process, you’ll re-enter the store to sign for the product you’ve received.