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Invite 3 friends to be part of the fun and adventure you love and enjoy!

We know kids are motivated by prizes, but the real benefit of your family’s engagement in inviting at least 3 new families to participate in Scouting is to teach your kids the benefit reaching out and welcoming friends to try something new.  They learn communication skills, persistence and goal setting.  If EVERYONE in our council participates in the Power of 3 Campaign, not only will we have a record recruitment year, we will also be helping to ensure the future of our units in spite of a once in a once in a century pandemic by following our motto and Being Prepared!

Power of 3 Recruitment Incentive Program – How It Works!

Prize Flyer – Download Power of 3 prize flyer 

Prize Structure

  • Each week will have one Grand Prize, growing in value each month. The same grand prize will be given each week of that month.
  • Each week will also have a slate of lesser prizes of varying value. Some of these prizes will be repeated throughout the campaign at varying frequencies depending on value
  • Every Scout that recruits 1 will receive a Seneca Waterways Recruiter Patch
  • Every Scout that recruits 2 will receive a free weekend of tent camping
  • Every Scout that recruits 3 will be entered in a special raffle for the PlayStation 5

Prize Slate








GRAND PRIZE: Nintendo Switch – Every Week!

Other prizes to be announced



SUPER GRAND PRIZE: PlayStation 5 – Only one drawing, for Scouts who recruit 3 of their friends to join.


Entry Rules:

  • A scout can be entered for each new Scout they invite to join that registers with a new youth application. There is no limit to the number of entries a Scout can have. Invitees do not have to join the same unit.
  • Scouts must enter using the form below. Entries will be verified by Council staff members to ensure that the invitee has been registered.
  • Drawings will be weekly. Scout’s entries not picked will be carried over week after week.
  • Scouts’ parents will be contacted to arrange disbursement of prizes
  • Each Scout who recruits 3 new Scouts will be additionally entered in a separate drawing for the While scouts can continue to accrue entries in the main raffle, entries in this will be limited to one per Scout.
  • The drawing will happen once, in the first week of December at the end of the incentive program.