Mohawk District Serves all of Yates and Seneca Counties and the eastern halves of Ontario and Wayne Counties. 

This district includes the towns of Newark, Sodus, Clifton Springs, Gorham, Rushville, Penn Yan, Dresden, Dundee, Phelps, Geneva, Lyons, Wolcott, North Rose, Rose, Clyde, Savannah, Waterloo, Seneca Falls, Romulus, and Ovid.

Mohawk News

Recharter Day- 

Will be on December 7th at the West Street Elementary School cafeteria in Geneva from 8am-1pm. It is very important that at least one individual from each unit comes to the event, if you can’t make it please contact your unit commissioner, Val Bost, or Will Gales if there is a problem attending. Schedules will be made per unit for recharter day, expect contact regarding unit availability for scheduling purposes. 


The 2020 Klondike- Will be hosted by Troop 138 this upcoming year from January 24th to the 26th at Camp Hauser in Newark. More details are to follow at a later time, please save the date!


Congratulations to the Eagle Scout Class of 2019 from our District-

Nathan Belcher.           T- 46                Phelps.             1/10/2019

Nelson Bost.                 T- 122.             Newark.            3/12/2019

Eduardo Casalmir.        T – 227.           Lyons.                4/9/2019

Jacob Duffy.                  T – 122.          Newark.             10/14/2019

Jacob Eskildsen.           T-82.              Dresden.            9/10/2019

Ray Hagen.                    T – 43.            Rushville.           6/11/2019

Nathan Hesler.               T- 4.               Geneva.              5/14/2019

Alexander Lyons.           T – 43.            Rushville.           3/12/2019

Hunter MacCammon.    T – 59.           Clifton Springs.  5/14/2019

Connor Moore.               T – 227.          Lyons.                 5/14/2019

Brian Nardone.               T – 4.              Geneva.              5/14/2019

Patrick Nardone.            T – 4.              Geneva.              1/10/2019

Abraham Porschet.        T – 4.              Geneva.              6/11/2019

Kevin Smith.                    T – 44.           Penn Yan.            7/16/2019

Cameron Swan.              T – 122.          Newark.               1/10/2019

Lucas Torres.                  T – 111.           Sodus.                 3/12/2019

Philip Ufholz.                   T- 115.           Wolcott.               4/9/2019

Mason Van Fleet.            T – 115.          Wolcott.               1/10/2019

Jacob Wright.                  T – 59.           Clifton Springs.   7/16/2019


Popcorn Contest Winners-

Congratulations to Kenny Romeiser of Mohawk Pack 69! He is the Week 3 winner of Free Camp in 2020 for popcorn sales!

Congratulations to Kenzie Wilck of Mohawk Troop 122.!  He is Winner #1 of Free Camp in 2020 for popcorn sales!


Ontario County Scouting for FoodFor those Scout units in Ontario County that are participating in a fall Scouting for Food campaign, you are eligible to participate in the county Nourish your Neighbor program.  For more information see the flyer and contact information for Public Health Educator, Christy Richards.


As we continue into Fall, recruitment/joining nights should continue on. If there are any recruitment based questions on how to go forward with one, please contact District Executive Will Gales at


Great ways to promote your unit and increase membership

  • Recruit at Product sale Show and Sells
  • Community Fall Festivals
  • Recruiter Patch Promo
  • Bring a Buddy
  • Stickering Kids – Stickering Stuff (Halloween Candy – Tins – Etc.)
  • Be a Scout Leads
  • Uniform Days @ School
  • Open House Tables
  • Middle School Promos

Questions? Ask your District Executive, we are here to help!



The Mohawk Key 3 are shown on the right, scroll down to see other District Contacts

Venturing Roundtable: Bill Ryan 315-651-8789
Scouts BSA Roundtable: Irene Barber
Cub Scout Roundtable: Angela Pullen, 585-683-6666

Religious Emblems Coordinators.

Jennifer Clancy  315-694-0918
Jim Wilck   315-576-6292

OA Contact information:

Mike Donovan  and Connor Clancy 

STEM Coordinator

Rich Pierson

Tschipey Achtu Lodge web page 

All Scout Troops that have not signed up for an Order of the Arrow election date should contact Jenn Clancy or Mike Donovan to do so as soon as possible.