Scouting - 2021

There are many ways to recruit youth and adults into the Scouting program.
In your role as Unit Leader there are four key events that are essential to your success.

  • A unit Open House, which is by far the best way to recruit new youth members and adult volunteers into your unit.
  • A promotional booth at a parent-teacher night or other event where you can encourage families to attend your Open House.
  • A “Youth Talk” at the local school, church or youth center where you get face to face with kids to explain the program and let them know why they should join and attend your Open House.
  • A Bring-A-Friend event where your current members deliver invitations to non-members inviting them to one of your unit events.

Leader Preparedness Series

The Leader Preparedness Series will be SWC’s  forum to provide unit leaders with deep dives on important topics that they need to support quality unit program and membership growth. These are topics that support leader engagement on upcoming Council initiatives and allow for more in-depth discussion than is practical to occur at other forums such as Roundtable.

LPS will be a year-round series of trainings occurring monthly during the program year. Sessions will occur on the 3rd Sundays of the month 7-8pm. Each session will be hosted by a professional and a volunteer working together as presenters. Agendas for the sessions will be issued at least two weeks before the session so that volunteers will be able to evaluate the usefulness of attending or engaging one of their other unit volunteers to attend. During the summer, sessions will be hosted weekly. Video recordings of the sessions will be available afterwards for leader reference.

Meeting Topic/Calendar Link Date Video Link
How to Conduct a Joining Night March 21  
Prize Incentive Program for Spring April 18  
Summer Program Planning May 16  
Annual Program Planning for Units June 20  
How to Plan Your Recruitment Campaign July 6  
Using Scoutbook July 18  
Peer-to-Peer Recruitment July 25  
Kicking Off Your Program in September August 8  
How to Conduct a Joining Night August 15  
Council Program Kickoff August 22  
And more to come!    


Membership Recruitment Materials
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General Resources: (Please check back as resources are added)

Council YouTube Channel

The Council’s YouTube Channel contains various videos to support your recruitment effort and the council’s marketing efforts. The videos (in various time lengths) being used in our social media advertisements can be found there for sharing after August 19th ad campaign launch.

Council Facebook Page: Like and share news, promotions, and stories from the Council Facebook Page.


Recruitment / Joining Night Presentations

Activity Coloring Book & Bookmarks

Bring a Friend Materials

Guide Books

Posters and Flyers

Joining Event Example Materials – (please note that these are specific to one unit and would need to be edited for your specific unit).

National Resources-Cub Scouts – The Brand Center has a wide variety of images, social media graphics/banners, posters, and other resources available for downloading.

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Scouts BSA:

Some items link directly to the National BSA Member Resources

Items link directly to the National BSA Member Resources
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