High Adventure in the Adirondacks!

Is your unit planning a trip to the Adirondacks but needs equipment?  The resources of Massawepie Scout Camps and our Adirondack Trek Center are there for you!  We have the equipment and the resources to help you plan the perfect trip during the off season (May – June & mid August – November).  We can supply canoes, canoe pickup and drop off, bear canisters and trip planning advice.


Trip Planning

Never been to the Adirondacks before and needs some help planning your trip?  Let us help you get started with your adventure.  Contact Ben Geiger the Massawepie Ranger at 518-359-3900 or treks@senecawaterways.org with questions you may have.  


Massawepie Outfitters                  

 Pricing / All items will be available from May 1st until November 1st


Royalex Canoes                                                      $25.00/ 24-hour period

Aluminum Canoes                                                  $20.00/ 24-hour period

All Canoes will come with life jackets and paddles. 24 hour periods start at the time of pickup and end at the time of drop off. Canoes will be available for pick up at Massawepie or delivery can be arranged with an added fee.

Canoe pick up and drop off

Delivery and pick up of canoes will be available for interested troop. Canoes will be delivered to the launch site and picked up from the take out site. The rate will be $3.00/ mile for each delivery and pick up, based on the one way mileage for each trip. All deliveries will be custom calculated for each group and be predetermined before each trip.

Bear Canisters

Backpackers’ Cache                                               $3.00/ Calendar Day

Trip Planning

Never been to the Adirondacks and need some help planning your trip? Let us help you get started with your adventure. Contact Ben Geiger the Massawepie Property Superintendent at 518-359-3900 or ben.geiger@scouting.org with questions you may have. 

If you plan to use our services, a camp use agreement and a tour permit will need to be filled out. Contact the camping department at 585-241-8545 or camping@senecawaterways.org for more information. There will also be an equipment inventory release form that will need to be filled out at the time of pick-up.