Lighthouse District proudly delivers Scouting programs to youth and families in the town of Clarkson, Greece, Hamlin, Ogden, Parma, Sweden, Brockport, and Spencerport. 

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District Chair: Peter Miles
District CommissionerCharley Hannon, 585-301-0384

Field Director: Frank Capozzi585-241-8529

Associate District Executive: Matthew Thurston, 585-241-8547

Advancement Chair: Kevin Coughlin

Upcoming Events:  Register Now for our Fall Camporee Event coming up October 17th,  The Covid Cook-Off Challenge! Join up with teams of up to six youth for a secret ingredient Home Cook-off throughout Lighthouse District. Our volunteers will come to pick-up your finished meals and you can tune in to our virtual Judges stream to find out who won!!   Only 5$ Per Chef to Participate, Register Here Now!!

    • Please see the Lighthouse District Calendar for more details about Upcoming Events. We are in Cub Scout recruiting Season, if your pack has yet to set recruitment nights, please follow up with a professional ASAP. New to scouts, or considering Joining? Contact us for information about units and activities in the district. 

Look in to the “POWER of 3” campaign today to learn about possible benefits and prizes when you sign up with or recruit friends!