Internet Rechartering

New and Improved Internet Charter Renewal Process

The National Council of the Boy Scouts of America has unveiled a new online charter renewal process for 2018.  While it is similar to the previous process, the look is different as well as several substantive changes designed to make the process easier for units to renew their charter on-time.Your unit commissioner can help you with the rechartering process. If you do not know who your unit commissioner is, you can contact your district commissioner for advice.

Changes include:

  • Insurance fees now included online
  • Unit processors can update youth protection dates with verification
  • Can be approved online by Charter Organization Representative
  • Online payment options
  • Several more

This new system was just rolled out and new resources come out daily to help educate leaders on the process.  A walkthrough of the new system can be found through the Internet Recharter Instruction Document link below.  We recommend reading through this thoroughly as it will answer the vast majority of your questions.  If you can’t find your answer, the next step would be to contact your unit commissioner.  


Council’s Guide to the 2017 Recharter Process

2017 Internet Rechartering FAQs

2017 Internet Rechartering Update

Rechartering Tutorial