District C Serves the towns of Webster and Penfield, and the Majority of Wayne County.
This District includes the towns of Webster, Penfield, Ontario, Walworth, Marion, Macedon, Palmyra, Lyons, Sodus, Newark, North Rose, Wolcott, and Red Creek.

District C Picnic and Recognition- Thank you to all who attended the event and helped with putting it on! We cannot wait until the next time we can get everyone together come September!

Unit Growth Planning!

During the course of the summer starting the last week of June, units will start being contacted to have a unit growth meeting. This is where District Executive Will Gales (or a district volunteer) will have a meeting with every unit to discuss the units struggles and how to effectively grow the unit come Fall. 

June Recruitment – If there are any June recruitment dates that I’m not aware of at this moment in time, please let me know. I will happily provide any assistance. There are several community recruitment events happening in the month of September, that would be a great way to get members before the start of Fall recruitment in late August/September. Schools are starting to break for the summer rather soon, it is paramount that any recruiting this month is planned for asap, leaving enough time to flyer schools and to get the word out. 

District Name Vote – The new Scouting District serving Penfield, Webster, and the majority Wayne County needs a new name! We need your help in coming up with a new name! The voting begins 05/11, and will close on 07/15. The District Key 3 will then determine the top 5, and will then go to the Council Operations Committtee for final selection. The new names will then be announced at the Council Kickoff on August 15th. Parameters for selections:
1.) Former District or Council names will not be considered.
2.) Native American names or phrases will not be considered.
3.)Name solicitation can be conducted by a variety of means.
4.) Suggestions should be solicited from both Youth and Adult Members.

We lastly ask that all name ideas are Scout-like. Suggestions are welcome from all Scouts and Scouters. Thank you all!

Vote Link- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd2WzBQtQoDt82UfhoSOXzUA_YEYL5pvhKW6zJr5JqiQOEzHA/viewform?usp=sf_link

June pro-rated fee – I’ve received a lot of questions recently on how much it is to register a scout in the month of May, I thought I’d include this information…

For the month of June for returning scouts (youth who have been registered before) the pro-rated fee including insurance is $44.50. Brand new applicants who have never been registered before the fee is $69.50 ($44.50 + $25.00 new application fee). 

The Adult pro-rated fee for this month is $30.50 as well. 

2021 Council Trainings
National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) – July 18 – 24, 2021
NYLT (2 Weekend Course) – July 31 – Aug. 2, 2021 & Aug. 8 – 9, 2021
Wood Badge (2 Weekend Course) – Sept. 24 – 26 & Oct. 9- 10, 2021

If there are any recruitment based questions on how to go forward with one, please contact District Executive Will Gales at William.gales@scouting.org. Also contact your unit commissioner for assistance. Here are some things to always keep in mind when recruiting…

Great ways to promote your unit and increase membership

  • Power of 3! (each scout recruiting 3 new scouts into the program)*
  • Personal Invitations (personally contacting and inviting families to join your unit)*
  • Being in constant contact with the school district, and asking if flyers can be sent home with students
  • Checking “Be a Scout Leads” after accepting online applications
  • Recruiting using social media (community FB pages)
  • Creating Flyers to promote the units recruitment events (DE Will Gales can assist with creating flyers)
  • Appearance and recruitment at Community Festivals
  • Recruiter Patch Promo
  • Bring a Buddy Cards
  • Uniform Days @ School
  • Open House Tables
  • Middle School Promos

Questions? Ask your District Executive, Unit Commissioner, and District Commissioner, we are here to help!