District B
Serving the communities of Western Monroe County, including Greece, Hilton, Spencerport, Brockport, Hamlin, Gates, Chili, Churchville, and Scottsville.

Welcome to Our New District

Welcome to District B! Though we don’t have a District name yet, we are excited to be serving our communities with Scouting programs. District B serves all of western Monroe County, including Greece, Hilton, Brockport, Hamlin, Spencerport, Gates, Chili, Churchville, and Scottsville. This area was formerly served by Lighthouse District and Black Creek District. With this new service area, the district leadership team is excited to build a strong culture of service and support all our Scouting units. 

We Want You!

With the formation of our new District, we are looking for more hands on deck at the District level to help accomplish our mission of supporting our units and our communities. There are a variety of District positions great and small, on both the District Committee and in the Commissioner Corps. If you or a Scouter you know would be interested in serving in a role, get in touch with the District Key 3 (listed at the left), your unit commissioner, or any Scouter you may know who already serves in a District role. We would love to have you! Volunteering at a District level puts you in touch with more Scouters and helps create a stronger network of Scouting in our service area. 
Name Our New District
The District team is soliciting suggestions for our new District name – and we need your help! We want a name that reflects the uniqueness and culture of our new service area. Name suggestions can be submitted through July 15th, and cannot be a previous District or Council name, or a Native American name. Submit your suggestions here: Name Suggestion Form