Contacts and Staff Listing

Wilkes, Lori Controller 585.241.8559  
Vinciquerra, Joann Accounting Specialist 585.241.8566  
Gunkel, Kim Fundraising Secretary 585.241.8555  
Camping and Program
Stein, Freddie Ranger – Camp Babcock-Hovey 315.521.2544  
Geiger, Benjamin Property Superintendent – Massawepie Scout Camps 518.359.3900  
Vikemyr, Aaron Director of Support Services / Chief Program Officer 585.241.8570  
Chamberlain, Dianne Camping & Program Support / Assistant to the Dir. of Support Services 585.241.8545  
Katelyn Merritt Council Program Director 585.241.8572  
DeClerck, Don Camping Operations Director 585.261.0835  
Emerling, Jeff Senior Ranger – J. Warren Cutler Scout Reservation 585.374.5770  
Customer Service
D’Amico, Norine Customer Service Representative 585.244.4210  
McElwain, Lara Scout Shop 585.241.8551  
Ketchum, Brenda Scout Shop Manager 585.241.8551  
Development & Marketing
Vogl, Anthony Director of Development / Chief Financial Officer 585.241.8556  
Smith, Mary Ellen Marketing & Communications Manager 585.241.8544  
Bauer, Laurie Senior Development Director 585.241.8526  
Field Service      
Capozzi, Frank Field Director 585.241.8529  
Langfit, Kris Council Registrar 585.241.8552  
Kozak, Leigh District Executive – Lighthouse District 585.241.8547  
Ramos, Oliris District Executive – Turning Point District 585.241.8568  
Kuczma, Justin District Executive – Towpath District 585.241.8531  
Owens-Turner, Carenlouise Field Staff Administrative Assistant 585.241.8528  
Ragland, Marcus Director of Field Service / Chief Operating Officer 585.746.1672  
Ragland, Marcus Acting Exploring Executive – West 585.241.8558  
Rickman, Bradley Exploring Executive – East 585.241.8542  
Crittenden, Chris Administrative Assistant to Director of Field Service 585.241.8580  
Flaherty, Brendan District Executive – Bay Waters District 585.241.8530  
Gales, William District Executive – Mohawk District 585.241.8539  
Jackson, Marie District Executive – Seneca District 585.241.8522  
Allegretto, James Senior District Executive – Black Creek 585.241.8534  
Ragland, Marcus Acting District Executive – Genesee Crossroads District 585.241.8541  
Scout Executive
Drum, Tiffany Executive Assistant to the Scout Executive 585.241.8554  
Hoitt, Stephen Scout Executive / Chief Executive Officer 585.241.8554