Contacts and Staff Listing

Wilkes, Lori Controller 585.241.8559
Vinciquerra, Joann Accounting Specialist 585.241.8566
Gunkel, Kim Fundraising Secretary 585.241.8555
Camping and Program
Stein, Freddie Ranger – Camp Babcock-Hovey 315.521.2544
Geiger, Benjamin Property Superintendent – Massawepie Scout Camps 518.359.3900
Vikemyr, Aaron Director of Support Services / Chief Program Officer 585.241.8570
Swift, Deborah Camping & Program Support / Assistant to the Dir. of Support Services 585.241.8545
Ghirarda, Matthew Council Program Director 585.241.8572
DeClerck, Don Camping Operations Director 585.261.0835
Emerling, Jeff Senior Ranger – J. Warren Cutler Scout Reservation 585.374.5770
Customer Service
D’Amico, Norine Customer Service Representative 585.244.4210
McElwain, Lara Scout Shop 585.241.8551
Ketchum, Brenda Scout Shop Manager 585.241.8551
Vogl, Anthony Director of Development / Chief Financial Officer 585.241.8556
Smith, Mary Ellen Marketing & Communications Manager 585.241.8544
Bauer, Laurie Senior Development Director 585.241.8526
Field Service
Capozzi, Frank Field Director 585.241.8529
Schnettler, Stuart Field Director 585.241.8560
Langfit, Kris Council Registrar 585.241.8552
Capozzi, Frank Acting District Executive – Lighthouse District 585.241.8547
Ramos, Oliris District Executive – Turning Point District 585.241.8568
Kuczma, Justin District Executive – Towpath District 585.241.8531
Owens-Turner, Carenlouise Field Staff Administrative Assistant 585.241.8528
Ragland, Marcus Director of Field Service / Chief Operating Officer 585.746.1672
Sheible, John Exploring Executive – West 585.241.8558
Rickman, Bradley Exploring Executive – East 585.241.8542
Crittenden, Chris Administrative Assistant to Director of Field Service 585.241.8580
Flaherty, Brendan District Executive – Bay Waters District 585.241.8530
Gales, William District Executive – Mohawk District 585.241.8539
Jackson, Marie District Executive – Seneca District 585.241.8522
Bogner, Gary Senior District Executive – Black Creek 585.241.8534
Schnettler, Stuart Acting District Executive – Genesee Crossroads District 585.241.8541
Scout Executive
Drum, Tiffany Executive Assistant to the Scout Executive 585.241.8554
Hoitt, Stephen Scout Executive / Chief Executive Officer 585.241.8554