Camp Cutler – Trail Information

Camp Cutler has an extensive network of hiking trails that are suitable for advancement work or just plain fun hiking.  There are many scenic overlooks to be viewed from the trail.  For an overview of the trail system, take a look at the map following  The trails are color-coded and the colors on the map correspond to blaze markings on the trails.  Before you leave for camp, be sure to download and print a copy of the Camp Cutler Hiking Trails Map.
Click on the “Zoom” frame in the upper right corner of Camp Cutler Hiking Trails Map to move around a larger view of the map

Summary of Camp Cutler Trails
Trail Color Length (mi.) Description
Blue 3.8  
Red 2.3  
Orange 2.9  
Yellow 1.2  
Green 1.2  
White 0.25 West Hollow Overlook
White 0.24 Whispering Creek
White 0.51 South Boundary
Purple 1  


At most locations in Camp Cutler there is no cellular service, so mapping programs that utilize a data plan are of little or no use.  There is an APP available for most smartphones which works with the phone’s GPS receiver and a locally stored map of the camp.  The APP is called Avenza Maps and may be downloaded from the app store for your phone.  This is a free download.  Download the app and open it.  There is an icon on the Avenza Maps App screen for “Store”.  Click on the Avenza Maps Store icon, search for “Camp Cutler GeoPDF Trails Map”, and download it to your smartphone.  This is a free download.  With the GPS in your smartphone turned on, your location in the camp will be shown on the map.  The map may be zoomed in and out using the touchscreen of your smartphone and the map may be used to show nearby buildings and your location on the trail system.