Camp Cards


Jan. 22. 2022
Cards will be ready for pickup at February Roundtables

SWC Scout Service Center 2320 Brighton-Henrietta TL Rd. Rochester, NY 14623


What are CAMP CARDS?

Camp Cards is a fundraising program to help Scouts & Explorers earn their way to any of the Council’s summer or day camp programs in 2022. For $5, each card provides $100+ in value with coupon specials from area businesses offering Dining, fast food, Redwing discounts, recreation (bowling) and more. Sale ends April 11th. The program provides a benefit to the individual units and helps the Council in providing programs.

Units participating in the program can earn commissions up to 55% of the cards retail cost. The remaining will support the Council in order to help make improvements to the Council’s three Camps. The sale begins February 1st and units will have until April 11th to close out their accounts.

These cards are a great value for your customers also. 

Units may choose from one of the three commission opportunities at the beginning of the sale.

  • 40% Commission: At the 40% commission rate ($2.00), units will be able to pick up the camp cards at the beginning of the sale and return any unsold cards (in re-sellable condition) no later than April 11th. The unit will be expected to pay in full for cards sold when cards are returned at the end of the sale.
  • 50% Commission: At the 50% commission rate ($2.50), units will be able to pick up the camp cards at the beginning of the sale. They will not be able to return any unsold cards and will be expected to pay for all cards by April 11th The unit may continue to sell any remaining cards until the end of the year.
  • 55% Commission: At the 55% commission rate ($2.75), units will pay for all cards when they receive them. The unit may continue to sell all remaining Camp Cards in the unit’s possession until the end of the year and does not have to worry about the April 11th deadline.

The Value of Selling Camp Cards:

Participating in the sale of Cards allows each Scout or Explorer to directly fund their way to various Camps or any program offered locally, regionally, or Nationally. To figure out how many cards your scouts need to sell just review this Value Sheet (Updated version TBD).

How does free Camp Sound for a Prize?

Scouts who sell benefit from the Commission on every card sold. Here is another opportunity for your Scout and Unit to benefit as well! The Top Selling Scout will receive a free week of Camp at a Seneca Waterways Council Summer program! There will be 3 check-in points, and the Top Selling Scout at those dates will receive Free Camp & keep the commission!

Need Another Reason to Participate?

Units who are registered to sell cards will entered into 3 drawings for a free weekend of Camp at a one of the Seneca Waterways Council Properties!

  1. To qualify for the the 1st drawing, units will receive an entry for every 50 Cards! Sell 100 cards, and get 2 entries!
  2. To qualify for the the 2nd drawing, units will receive an entry for every 100 Cards! Sell 200 cards, and get 2 entries!
  3. To qualify for the The 3rd drawing, units will receive an entry for every 150 Cards! Sell 300 cards, and get 2 entries!


A 7th and Final Drawing will be held at the May Coordinated Meeting. All Units from previous drawings will be eligible for the entries. But there will be 1 entry per unit for this prize. EXTRA ENTRY!! Attend the Kick-off and get an entry for this drawing!!


  • All Unit Entries will be verified once payment for the camp cards has been received at the Scout Service Center. Please use the Troop entry form to report the number of cards sold.
  • Top Seller Scouts drawing will be verified once payment has been received at Scout Service Center. Winners will be removed from any additional selections. Please use the Scout Entry Form to report the number of cards sold.
  • All entry forms can be found on the back of the Camp Card Guidebook.
  • Announcements will be made on Currents Newsletter, Facebook, and Council Coordinated Meeting in February. March, April, and May.

Here are the Drawing Dates: 

  1. February 15, 2022
  2. March 15, 2022
  3. April 19, 2022
  4. May 17, 2022 (Only units who have returned and paid will be eligible for this drawing)
Here is what we need:
  1. Free week of camp for council top selling Scout in the council. (Need – Name, Unit # (District), & how many cards Sold!
  2. Every unit that sold at least 50 cards, they are entered into a drawing for a Scout to attend camp for free.  Units will receive an entry for every 50 cards. Ex 100 cards = 2 entries per unit

2022 Vendors:  For a List of Discounts (Coming Soon)

Cards are sold at $5 for over $100+ in Value! Four one-time use tabs, and several all year long offers.

Download Attachements:

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