Bay Waters District
Serving the Communities of Irondequoit, Penfield, and Webster


Key District Contacts

District Chair: Christopher Bowen, 585-678-1776
District Commissioner: Robert Monigle, 585-721-8639
District Executive: Brendan Flaherty, 585-241-8530
Scouts, BSA Roundtable: Phil Vanderlee, 585-671-8149
Cub Scout Roundtable: VACANT
Merit Badge Dean: Steve Nonkes
District Advancement Chair: Don Black
Twilight Camp Director: Jill Sypnier
District Training Chair: Mark Juba


Scouting this Fall: A Focus on Growth and Serving Our Communities

As we near the start of September, I’m both excited and optimistic about our programs this fall. Scouting is strong, and remains strong. Remember that our core mission is “to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the value of the Scout Oath and Law.” While we may need to be adaptive in the way we deliver that mission and our program, Scouting has continued for over a century through many hardships. We can and will keep on Scouting here in Bay Waters because of the awesome volunteers and dedicated families we have. Not only will Scouting continue, it will thrive and grow. 

I want to share a huge positive indicator for Scouting this fall. Over the past month, our Council has seen more Online applications and requests for information come through the system than ever before. These are families reaching out to learn about or even join, unprompted, with no one asking them or extending an invitation to do so. Imagine how many new families we can serve with Scouting by asking and inviting them to join. Our community wants to join Scouts, we need to make sure that the opportunities to do so are clear and available to them. I know that I wouldn’t be involved in Scouting right now if, in 2004, a Scouter had not come to our cafeteria to talk about the Tiger program at Pack 248 and invited me to join. Every Scouter has a similar story, either for themselves or for their children. Every single Scout and Scouter is involved because someone asked them to join Scouting. Let’s make sure we do as much asking as possible!



We Want You for the Bay Waters Team!

The work of supporting and growing Scouting in our communities is done by a team of dedicated volunteers. We’re always looking to grow our team to provide even more support to our members. Whether you’re currently in Scouting, an alumnus, or have no Scouting connection, there are roles large and small that we want you for! Service on the District level means helping provide opportunities for personal development and outdoor programs to over 1000 local families. For more information, reach out to District Executive Brendan Flaherty or District Chair Chris Bowen at the contacts above.


Twilight Camp

Twilight Camp is Seneca Waterways Council’s Cub Scout Day Camp hosted by Bay Waters District. We had a great time in 2020 and are already making plans for 2021. Next year, we’re going on a Prehistoric Adventure and having fun with Dinosaurs! Email the camp director at to learn more information!