Jack Link’s Protein Snacks

The spring sale is set up to help Scouts earn money to pay for Day Camp, Cub Resident Camp, Scout BSA Summer Camp, and High Adventure trips. Jack Links has improved their packaging to include the iconic Scout brand and a variety of products sure to please anyone. Remember, Scouts are not selling Jack Links, they are asking the community to invest in their development – Jack Links snacks are a delicious “Thank You” for helping your Scouts earn their way to camp!

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Leader Guide:  2020_SWC_Jack_Links_Spring_Fundraiser

The leader guide is a helpful tool for adults and scouts. Everything pertaining to the sale is in here. So besure to download your copy before starting.


  1. Research shows that 45% of consumers are female and 55% are male.
  2. Are easy to store anywhere.
  3. Because they require no refrigeration and won’t melt, they are perfect snacks for
    1. Fishing – put them in the boat or tackle box!
    2. Golf – put them in the golf bag!
    3. Hiking – easy to put in cargo pockets or a day pack!
    4. Travel – put them in the glove box or console. Even under the seat!
    5. Work – put them in your desk!
    6. Gardening!
    7. Shooting sports – put them in your range bag or archery kit!
    8. Perfect for spring sports – put them in the soccer, softball, baseball or trackduffel. Great snacks to enjoy from the stands while watching friends and familycompete!


  • The sale starts with the March Roundtable and ends with the May Roundtable.
  • Orders are due February 3 for the March Roundtable and March 2 for the April Roundtables
  • Up to 10% of product may be returned, returns are due at the May Roundtable
  • Product must be paid for by May 15
  • The council is able to accept 10% returned product this year. Plan ahead: check with the families of your Scouts and get a commitment from them on how many cases they would like to sell – this will help reduce extra product.


  • Product this year will be a Jack Links variety pack with 5 Beef Snacks per box and 8 boxes of beef snacks per case.
  • Boxes sell for $15 Commission is $5.00 per box sold at $15 or 33% of the sale.
  • This works out to $40 for each case that is sold


(Based on paying for camp after May 1. Actual cost of camp may be less)

  • Day Camp • Sell just two cases of beef snacks! Camp is 100%+ paid!
  • Cub Resident Camp at Culter and Babcock-Hovey • Sell six cases of beef snacks! Camp is 100% paid!
  • Summer Camp at Camp Babcock-Hovey or Massawepie Scout Camps • Sell 11 cases of beef snacks! Camp is 100% paid!

The Jack Links product will be packaged with the BSA brand and each box will contain 5 items:

  • (1)1.25 oz. Original Beef Jerky,
  • (1) 1 oz. Original Tender Bites,
  • (1) 1 oz. Teriyaki Tender Bitesand
  • (2) 0.5 oz. Original Beef Sticks.

Each box will retail for $15 earning $5 for each box sold!
There are 8 boxes per case. Cases will sell for $120, earning $40 for each case sold!
Keeping with the Scout theme, each box is approximately the size of a Boy Scout Handbook!

Questions about the Sping Fundraiser? 

Be sure to direct all questions to Aaron Vikemyr at aaron.vikemyr@scouting.org