August Family Challenge Grant

Seneca Waterways Council was not spared by the pandemic and the loss of traditional funding streams threatens the immediate ability to provide the Scouting experience to youth in our communities. The August Family, with a long tradition of Scouting, has stepped forward to match gifts to Friends of Scouting  gifts up to $60,000 because they recognize the importance of keeping Scouting programs alive and strong. 

To make your gift, visit

Two kinds of gifts qualify: 

FIRST TIME GIFTS of $25 or more will be matched dollar for dollar by this grant.

INCREASED GIFTS – Supporters who increase their annual giving by 10% or greater (minimum $25 increase) will have the total gift matched at 50%.  

  • Example: A supporter gave $500 in 2020. This individual increased her giving to $550 (10%) in 2021, earning a match of $225 (50%).

We express our deep gratitude to the August Family for their incredible gift to Scouting and the impact they’ll have.