S.A.F.E Return to Scouting

Restart Scouting Checklist 2020

June 22, 2020

Scouts and Scouters,

On behalf of the Seneca Waterways Council, let me express my gratitude for everything you have done to keep on Scouting amongst the unprecedented challenges we have faced this year.  The determination, resourcefulness, service, and sense of adventure you have all demonstrated during the Covid-19 pandemic has been awe-inspiring. 

As you are aware, the state of New York and our region in particular are slowly lifting restrictions.  Some of our units are already resuming meetings in a limited fashion.  This is great news, but we want to urge continued vigilance and encourage our units to set the example of how to resume operations responsibly. 

The National Council prepared a S.A.F.E. Return to Scouting Checklist that gives good guidelines on how to resume in-person Scouting safely.  Please review this with all of your leaders, parents, and Scouts BEFORE you plan to resume any in-person meetings and use it to plan any meetings. It will help us ensure the safety of our Scouts, leaders and their extended families. 


Marcus W. Ragland
Director of Field Service

DOWNLOAD S.A.F.E. Return to Scouting Checklist