National Membership Registration Fee Changes

As we have previously shared, the National Boy Scouts of America was expected to announce an increase in membership fees. At the National Annual Meeting last month, a formal schedule of fee increases over the next three years was announced and approved. It’s important to understand that none of these fees stay with the Seneca Waterways Council.  You will also note below that an option to charge a local program fee on top of the National fee was added and we have opted not to charge a local program fee.

Effective August 1st the registration fee for Cub Scouts, Scouts and Venturers increases from $60 to $66. Adults and Explorers annual registration fee increases from $36 to $42. The Boy Scouts of America is also adding a New Member Fee of $25 for all youth enrolling in traditional Scouting programs for the first time (Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA and Venturing, not Exploring). The $66 annual registration fee for youth is prorated at $5.50 per month and follows a calendar year for most units. Unit Charter Fees will increase to $75.

  • Example #1: A new Cub Scout in September will pay $22 for registration and an additional $25 new member fee for $47 through December and then will need to pay an additional $66 when the unit renews its Charter.  
  • Example #2:  A new Scouts BSA member who joins in September who was previously a Cub Scout three years ago will pay $22 for registration through December and then will need to pay an additional $66 when the unit renews its Charter.   They will not need to pay the $25 new member fee as they already have a member ID within our system.

As a reminder none of these funds stay within Seneca Waterways Council.

The National Organization has authorized local Councils to also collect a local program fee of an additional $60 on top of the National Fee also effective August 1st. This would potentially bring a Scouts’ annual registration fee to $126 (before any local unit dues). Thanks to our annual Friends of Scouting campaign and fall product sale and our sincere desire to keep Scouting affordable to all our families, we will not be adopting a local registration fee at this time.

The local insurance fee for members is expected to stay at $6 and Boys’ Life Magazine remains at $12.

We would encourage families who already plan to register a new Scout in the fall to be sure to register them prior to July 31st so they can avoid the $25 new member fee when it is activated on August 1st.

Even with the National fee increase, we still believe that Scouting remains one of the best values for parents who want to have their children in a character education program.   Thank you for all you do to help deliver a quality Scouting program to the youth of our community.