Cutler’s Environmental Conservation

DURING the summer of 2019, LIFE IN THE FINGER LAKES staff writer Nicole Landers and photographer Bill Banaszewski covered the environmental conservation efforts being implemented by the volunteers and staff of Seneca Waterways Council’s Camp Cutler property located near Naples, New York.

Guided by Sr. Ranger Jeff Emerling, they toured the Scout reservation and quickly came to discover how the program and camping areas have been carefully integrated within the many camp-wide conservation projects.

Of great interest, they discovered Cutler’s Old Growth Forest section found along Whispering Creek. Old Growth Forest is a designation given by New York State to growths with little or minimal disturbance by post colonization humans as demonstrated by evidence such as no stumps to indicate a history of logging.

The environmental conservation of the camp is guided by a written Forest Management plan, as advocated by the Scout Council’s Conservation Committee. The camp works and partners with many conservation goal oriented groups such as the DEC, Keister Consulting, Wagner Hardwood and FLCC’s Conservation program . . . all with the same ethos . . . the preservation of our planet.

To read LIFE IN THE FINGER LAKES’ entire article about the conservation project at Camp Cutler, Click the image below.  – Jim Whitcomb

Attending summer camp is a common rite-of-passage for many children. It’s at camp where lasting friendships are built and practical skills learned. An appreciation for the natural world is cultivated through experiences such as fishing, hiking and camping. Although most kids don’t get the opportunity to participate in an environmental restoration project that will improve the very camp they return to every summer – at Camp Cutler, they do!”