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With all the new and exciting changes coming to Scouting, this page is your source for new information as it becomes available regarding recruitment strategies, Family Scouting, the official start of the Lion program, the new Youth Protection Training, and many others.  Newest content will be posted at the top of the page but be sure to scroll down for more content!

Fill the Den (posted Oct 25th)

The ideal den size is 6-8 youth.  If your den is smaller than that, make continued efforts to invite and welcome new families to your program until you get to that point.  It makes a tremendous difference and even provides more opportunities for new leaders to come on board.  After all, where do most of our leaders come from?Youth will stay in our program longer if they are having a good time and getting value out of the program.   Unfortunately, if we don’t recruit enough youth to have a good-sized den, Cubs don’t have as good a time.  They dynamics of a den of 2 or 3 is completely different from a den of 6-9.  Mixing age groups provides some solutions but creates other challenges.  It gets even more challenging when we add family Scouting to the mix.  The temptation to combine the girls and the boys might be very high, but there are many good reasons to provide separate parallel programs for each gender.  The best solution to all of these problems?  Provide program to the youth we have brought on board and KEEP RECRUITING!  Peer to peer recruitment methods can be especially effective throughout the year.

As of Oct. 25, 56% of our packs had 2 or fewer Lions registered and 37% of our packs had 2 or fewer Tigers registered.   Continued efforts to recruit more families will enhance the program experience for the youth we are already serving, and expose the values and fun of Cub Scouting to a greater number of families in your community… Something we all want.

One technique that has proven very effective is to invite the classmates of existing Cubs through their class lists.  A personal invitation from another parent trumps everything else when parents choose which activities their kids will be engaged in.

Your District Committee and District Executive stand ready to help make your efforts successful.  Please let them know what assistance you need. 

New Girl Peer Recruitment Cards Available (posted Oct. 25th)

We are about to cross the 200 mark with girls registered in Cub Scouts here in Seneca Waterways, and I’m excited about how many girls are hungry for the experiences our program delivers, but many of our packs and dens only have a few girls spread across Lions to Webelos. 

To help you bring more families into your dens, we have peer to peer invitation cards that girls can give to their friends at school.  For best results, have kids fill out the cards for those they would like to invite at a den meeting and have them give to their friends the following day.  Be sure to make sure the meeting info (time date and location) along with the contact information for leaders is all accurate.  This is a proven way to help grow a den. 

What’s the best news?  You can print these off yourself, or you can get them from the Council Office.  We have printed up a supply on Card Stock for your use.  Please just let your District Executive know how many you need and by when so we can produce more as needed. Download Girl Peer to Peer Invitation Card


We have all heard that between 80% and 90% of Boy Scouts have joined through the Cub Scout Program.  What many don’t realize is that there are great ways to recruit new youth directly into a Scout Troop.  It’s true that by Middle School, for many youth there is a stigma to wearing a uniform for activities like Scouts, but what we know is that we deliver a program that gives young people access to things they want to do and can’t do a lot of other places.

Our own Troop 209 in Fairport had not had boys cross over from Webelos the last 2 years and were committed that they weren’t going to let the troop die on their watch.  They recently conducted Middle School recruitment during the first couple of weeks of school and have recruited 7 new youth!  It really works!  Here is a summary of what they did:

  • Met with the Middle School Principals and secured their understanding and support for their plan.
  • Set up a “campsite” in the lunchroom with a tent, chair, backpack, “campfire”, etc.
  • Ran a video on loop showing young people doing awesome activities like white water rafting, zip-lines, backpacking, rock climbing, etc.
  • Had ways to engage students that came up to ask questions (teaching them to use a compass was actually a big hit)
  • Had information flyers with pictures of local Scouts doing cool activites which they gave to all youth who expressed interest (which ended up being around 9%.
  • Of note: they said middle school principals were very agreeable to sending home paper flyers which was very different from their experiences with elementary schools.

Here are a few things they DID NOT DO:

  • Wear a uniform when doing the promotion and engaging with students.  Instead, they wore what they would wear on a camping trip.
  • Push the fact that they were a BOY SCOUT TROOP.  It wasn’t hidden, but it wasn’t accentuated either.  They simply showed what kind of things we do in Scouting.
  • Try to convince students who were not interested.  This was simply a way to engage students who are naturally drawn to the type of activities our Scouts get to do.

A big congratulations to troop 209 for thinking outside the box and showing that by following this plan, you can recruit youth directly into a Scout Troop! 

If your troop is in need of more youth (or you are planning to start a Girl Troop for Scouts, BSA) and you would like some help pulling something like this off, notify your district executive.  We will work with you to help set this up and support your efforts.  The council even purchased a flat screen television to run the videos which is available for you to borrow for this purpose.

Spooky way to invite new families in your neighborhood (posted Oct. 25th)

Halloween is almost upon us, and it provides a couple of great ways to invite new families to be a part of Scouting.  Many Packs will host a Halloween Party or Pack Meeting in October.  Invite new families to attend in costume.  Be sure to have lots of ways to engage the new youth (and their parents) and make them feel welcome.  This is a great way to show new members that Scouting is a lot of fun.  Just make sure someone is there to welcome the new prospective members and answer questions they may have and even get them registered if they wish.

Another great “Trick” is to provide Scouting “TREATS”.  Several of our Packs will make up “Cub Scout Treat Bags” that they give to families in the pack to give out on Halloween to kids in their neighborhood.  Best practices here would be to not splurge on the candy, have meeting information in the bag, and tell them what you’re giving them.  This can be a great way to promote your pack.



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