Adirondack Outpost Program

Massawepie arguably offers the best outing opportunities of any Scout camp east of the Mississippi River.

We have 3769 acres, with 20 miles of trails, 19 outpost camps, and 8 canoe-able lakes and ponds. And that’s only within Massawepie – around us we have the 6 million acre Adirondack Park. Be sure to plan a troop, day hike, or overnight camp! We’ll be glad to help with advice, equipment, food, and maps. Remember, our flexible program will allow Scouts to “catch up” on any merit badge classes they may miss.

Along the way, plan a visit to the unique Massawepie Mire, the largest peatland bog in the Adirondacks. This bog, which we are protecting in partnership with the Adirondack Nature Conservancy, contains unique wildlife and plants such as the carnivorous sundew and pitcher plants. New York State regulations require at least one qualified trip leader on any trip away from the main Camp Pioneer.

A trip leader is an adult leader over 21 who has current CPR and Wilderness First Aid certification or the equivalent.

Also, if your trip will involve boating or swimming, one adult will need current Lifeguard (BSA, YMCA, or Red Cross) and CPR for the Professional Rescuer certification. Plan ahead – contact the Red Cross or Seneca Waterways Council Service Center, for first aid and lifeguard training opportunities.

If your Troop is interested in using the Outpost on weekend trip during the Fall, Winter, or Spring please email or call 585-241-8545

Massawepie Trail Map - Click here to view all the trails and locations of the various Outposts within Massawepie Camp.

Outpost Listing:

  1. Bayview
  2. Four Point
  3. MoakaiganMassawepie Outpost Patch Set
  4. Distillery Hill
  5. Eagle Island
  6. Vingo
  7. Pine Point Pond
  8. Conifer Hollow
  9. Beaver House
  10. Blueberry Marsh
  11. Sourdough
  12. Paul Bunyan
  13. Iroquois
  14. Forester
  15. Merganser
  16. Powderhorn
  17. Smokey Bear
  18. Longview
  19. Mount Arab

Be sure to Purchase the Outpost Patch Set at the Massawepie Trading post. Be sure to talk with the Rangers.

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